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Remote, Canada
Date Published
Wednesday, March 20, 2024
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Professional Services
Olagbaju, Tola

Description & Requirements

Data Conversion Specialist | BisTrack

The Data Conversion Specialist plays a crucial role in client-facing projects, focusing on data extraction, transformation, and loading. The primary responsibilities encompass BisTrack environment builds, migrations, upgrades, and various technical team assignments.

What you will be doing:

  • Coordinate data extracts as well as transform customer legacy data into Bistrack accept formats. 
  • Import data, manipulate, transform data though updates and inserts in SQL tables. You must have an exceptional level of knowledge on relationships between tables and be able to perform complex SQL queries. 
  • Work with internal and external customers to understand changes from legacy data into desired BisTrack data.
  • Work a flexible schedule, including overtime, nights and weekends to meet deadlines.

What you will likely bring:

  • Strong familiarity with BisTrack, specifically with BisTrack’s Schema, Data Imports, Data Configuration including UOM’s and UOM Rules, System Options, Business Intelligence (Smart Views, Smart Objects, Dashboards), eBusiness agent, and settings is preferred.
  • Extensive knowledge of the LBM industry, including knowledge of how customers operate their day-to-day business, as well as knowledge of LBM products, including board foot calculations.
  • Advanced-level T-SQL coding and programming experience (used for almost all integrations), including SQL Agent, SQL Mail, SQL jobs, SQL Server administration knowledge as well as performance tuning of SQL stored procedures and functions.
  • Solid understanding of cursors, CTE’s, inserts and update into SQL tables
  • Able to work with multiple file types and bring into a SQL environment for querying. Including multi-header .txt files, XML’s, .csv, .xls and .xlsx. ability to transform these into workable SQL tables
  • Ability to start coding from scratch including stored procedures and functions.
  • Ability to look at large relational databases (>1000 tables) and find and understand relations from one table to other(s).
  • Ability to work with ftp/sftp and code from SQL to put/get files.


  • Extensive knowledge of the LBM industry, including knowledge of how customers operate their day-to-day business, as well as knowledge of LBM products, including board foot calculations is required
  • 3+ years of related experience with data transformation. 
  • 3+ years consulting experience preferred                                                                                                                 
  • Familiarity with BisTrack, specifically with BisTrack’s Schema, Business Intelligence (Smart Views, Smart Objects, Dashboards), and eBusiness agent and settings is preferred.
  • Bachelors degree preferred; equivalent years of experience in lieu of a degree will be considered.

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