"I decided to join Epicor because I believed that Epicor could provide the opportunity to learn latest technologies and that turned out to be true. Epicor has provided scope for continuous learning and helped me upgrade my technical skills. In my role, I get to work with various teams to help them setup their project's continuous integration, test and production environments.

I believe that I contribute to the success of Epicor by understanding the technical needs of various products and project teams. Ensuring the customer receives the product without any defects or bugs is something I handle as a Release Developer. Our team is always enthusiastic about learning new technologies and this has paved the way for simultaneously on-boarding various new projects with ease. I feel very fortunate to be part of such a highly skilled and talented group of people. We celebrate our fellow colleagues’ birthdays, go for team outings, and celebrate events as part of team building activity.

Our “together we’re epic” culture makes Epicor an awesome place to work. In almost 10 months here, I’ve noticed how Epicor often provides various learning opportunities that help me enhance my professional and personal skills."