"I was drawn to Epicor because I found the opportunity to apply my Masters in Learning Technologies. Not only have I applied my degree to my current role, but there’s opportunity for growth within my field. During the interview process, I noticed the passion and focus the [team] has for improving technology and that sold me.

I love being able to understand customer challenges and work with other Epicor experts to deliver trainings that are not only accurate, but actually solve a customer's need."
-Kayla Rozendaal

Since then, I’ve been able to engage with so many different people inside and outside of the company. When creating new trainings, I'm constantly learning different processes that that allow me to work with an SME about a specific technical process. I'm also able to visit with customers and speak with trainers. I can begin to identify trending issues in order to create training that helps meet the greatest needs.

Fun Fact: Outside of work, I love to hike and go backpacking. I was able to use my PTO at the end of the summer to hike part the Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota. Over two and half weeks I hiked 140 miles of the trail from within site of the Canadian border to a little north of Duluth. It's the longest hike I've ever done, but it was wonderful to be out on the trail and see the beauty of the North Shore."