People who are successful are usually self-motivated learners. They don’t need external influences to ‘force’ them to gain new skills or knowledge. In the “How I learn?” series Epicor Executives are talking about how they learn and where they draw their wisdom from.

Epicor Careers: Can you share your growth story and how you reached at the level you are today?

Preetham Shetty: The word “Growth” and “Epicor” goes hand in hand. In my two year tenure in Epicor, I’ve had many opportunities to develop my career and develop my skill sets. Epicor clearly differentiates itself from other organizations by giving employee growth and progress the utmost importance. It’s been just two and half years, where I have already seen myself achieving the milestones/promotions at my work and professional career.

Epicor Careers: How do you find the motivation and time to learn and stay current? Or, what motivates you to learn?

Preetham Shetty: If someone asks me about learning then I would say it all depends on the interest of individual. Whenever we have some time apart from the work, the team gets together to exchange ideas and discuss the latest technologies. Interacting with the people from different teams helps to stay connected and stay updated. New challenges and requirements at work always keeps me motivated to gear up and learn new things day in day out. I am always on it!

Epicor Careers: What was your journey like in Epicor?

Preetham Shetty: I would definitely say the journey with Epicor was smooth and pretty interesting. I was part of a pilot batch and I met some really great people and managers who are always interested in motivating the team and recognizing the hard work. It’s one of the best stints ever in my 5 + years of IT career. I am looking forward to make it more exciting.

Epicor Careers: If someone is looking to join Epicor, what should he/she should look forward to?

Preetham Shetty: Definitely it’s an exciting place to be. Great people; great culture, Growth is something one will definitely encounter if he/she is on track. And I would say, we have a good time here!!