People who are successful are usually self-motivated learners. They don’t need external influences to “force” them to gain new skills or knowledge. In the “How I Learn” series, Epicor employees are talking about how they learn and grow.

Epicor Careers: Can you share your growth story and how you reached at the level you are today?

Sneha Reddy: I joined Epicor in May 2015 in the role of territory manager for the Middle East region. This role gave me an excellent platform to not only hone my sales abilities, but also develop my interpersonal skills like communication, assertiveness, negotiation, and decision-making. I had an excellent team who supported me throughout the learning process, and this continues to be the hallmark of the organization as a whole—where every individual employee within the organization is reachable and keen to collaborate with each other. Epicor has helped me grow immensely, both personally and professionally. The challenging assignments give me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and expand my horizons and foster creativity within my workspace.

Epicor Careers: If someone is looking to join Epicor, what should he/she look forward to?

Sneha Reddy: Epicor as an organization is an innovative, diverse, and excellent place to learn and grow. The organization embodies a strong culture that contributes to increased employee engagement and collaboration. Also, as employees, we feel a sense of trust because of transparency, which starts right from the top. Epicor is where fun and work are always hand-in-hand. Employees are continually encouraged to openly discuss their thoughts and ideas, and appreciation is showed for big and small achievements alike.

If freedom, dedication, integrity, and teamwork are imperative for you, then Epicor would be the ideal team to join!