"I chose Epicor for many reasons including its people, culture, vision, and innovation. Great people and culture are key for me. I interviewed with many Epicorians and appreciated the respect and teamwork they showed. I've been recruited by many bigger software companies but the culture wasn't a fit for me. Epicor was and is the right fit for me.

Since starting with Epicor, I’ve come to appreciate our dedication to the industries we serve. Independent retailers need an innovative technology partner, and Epicor is that partner. I truly enjoy partnering with our customers to help improve their business.

I enjoy leading collaborative teams focused on achieving goals together. The Epicor Retail team has great people and solid products. They have been incredibly responsive and supportive which is so nice. They care about each other and their customers – they go the extra mile. Our plans to grow the retail business have been well received and our team is eager, so we're on a mission together. We are a total one-stop-shop for retail and all Epicor verticals. The diversity of our experience is our strength.

I value teamwork and exceeding our Q1 target goals was tons of hard work, but also incredibly fun. My retail software and hardware teammates are awesome and have great senses of humor.

Outside of work, I like being very active with my family and friends. On weekends I'm usually outside - hiking, biking, swimming, ocean sports, tennis, or yoga. My family and I volunteer together for a variety of charities. I'm grateful for our many blessings and like being a contributing community member."